Jason L. Hansen
E: jhansen at gmail
Truefit Principal Software Engineer
Led a small team of engineers within a larger project team. Provided architectural support for each project, assisted in maintaining the story backlogs, represented the engineers during client interactions, ran 1-on-1s with the engineers, performed regular code reviews and, on occasion, coded some stuff. Utilized: Angular, React w/ Redux, Knockout, Java, Scala, .NET MVC / Web API / ASP.NET, WPF, Node, Entity Framework, SQL Server.
Mar 2015 - Oct 2017
Freelance Developer.
A few notable projects:

Sales Entry and Analysis Database Consulted on a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool used for tracking opportunities, customers, contacts and orders within an organization. Utilized: .NET, SQL Server, Entity Framework, jQuery, Knockout.

Hospital Web Application Built a web application intended for hospital personnel using iOS devices. Included a custom survey generation tool that supported versioning, multi-tiered validation requirements and multiple submissions. Utilized jQuery, jQuery UI, Knockout, Linq for JS, .NET MVC, NHibernate, Fluent NHibernate, SQL Server.

Acatar.com Contributed to a online course management solution for universities. Created a UI for managing student grades, including the ability to upload and edit grading spreadsheets. Utilized .NET Web API, .NET MVC, Entity Framework, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, Knockout, Linq for JS, SQL Server.

Ad Buying Software Contributed to an online ad-buying tool for media conglomerates. Utilized jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, Knockout, .NET MVC, .NET Web API, NHibernate, Fluent NHibernate, SQL Server.

SharePoint Proxy Wrote a web API for accessing SharePoint content on an internal website from points outside the company's network. Included the ability to maintain state and authorization across multiple calls.

JustBetweenFriends.com Rewrote large portions of site to leverage .NET framework and AJAX. Consolidated code base down to a single Data Access Layer (from five). Built custom CSS & Javascript Minifier, Theme Organizer, and a complete suite of CDN-aware Web Controls. Utilized .NET, C#, Ajax Control Toolkit, jQuery.

RetreatFinder.com Developed database and interface for online personal retreat directory. Included administrative interface, secure member interface for listing maintenance, various public search mechanisms. Currently in the process of converting site to .NET framework. Utilized ASP, MS Access, SQL Server and ASP.NET.

AllThingsHuman.net Created templates and modules for use with Joomla CMS. Utilized PHP, Joomla, MySQL.

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) Developed a simple marketplace application for an in-house print shop. Utilized ASP.NET, SQL Server.

CultureProject.org In partnership with a graphic design firm, created templates, modules and components for use with Mambo CMS. Utilized PHP, Mambo, MySQL.

CMU Survey Tool Refactored an existing survey tool using PHP and PostGreSQL for Dr. David Krackhardt of Carnegie Mellon University. Added tiered administrative access, numerous (including previous-answer-dependent) question types, introduced keys to all data tables, wrote install scripts (in PHP) so that survey code may be used on any server with PHP and access to PostGreSQL.

Learning Disabilities Association of America Completed a Database Assessment for a local, nonprofit organization. Included a history of usage at the organization, a detailed analysis of their current usage and recommendations for future improvements.

Sep 2008 - Mar 2015
Jan 2003 - Dec 2007
Guru.com Software Developer

Lead UI Developer Acted as the Lead UI Developer for the Profile Enhancements (account required) and Employer Search projects. Introduced Ajax.NET controls into new design, including UpdatePanels, ProgressBars, ModalPopups, RoundedCorners and Browser History. Generated user controls with rich Javascript/C# APIs. Developed portions of the Core object and Configuration libraries (C#, XML, XSD). Wrote mapping files and DAO objects using NHibernate. Managed up to two other UI developers over the course of each project.

Acting Bug Manager Monitored and resolved bugs in ASP.NET and ColdFusion. Coordinated twice weekly with other department heads to determine priority, triage and deadlines for bug resolution. Used Visual Studio's Team Foundation Server Web portal to generate and manage work items.

Acting Build Manager Coordinated build and testing requirements with other department heads across six permanent code branches. Determined and catalogued features and bug fixes to be deployed for testing. Scheduled builds to the QA and Live environments. Executed team builds and deployed code to QA and Live environments. Merged/updated code branches based on live site deployments.

Acting QA Manager Oversaw all outsourced QA activities, including the writing and execution of test cases, and the analysis and selection of testing tools. Communicated daily with QA Lead to identify and eliminate problems on the site.

Jan 2007-Sep 2008
Center for Arts Management and Technology, Carnegie Mellon University. Senior Information Systems Specialist
Worked with government granting agencies to create custom grants management applications using Microsoft Access, ASP, JavaScript, SQL Server.
Fall 1997-Winter 2002
Courses Taught
Ecommerce Technologies
Carnegie Mellon University, Masters of Information Systems Management Program.
Focus on ASP.NET basics, such as web forms, data-bound controls, state management, multi-tier architecture, configuration and web services.
Fall 2001-Fall 2012
Information Technology & Policy for Arts Managers
Carnegie Mellon University, Masters of Arts Management Program.
Focus on Relational Database Theory, MS Access, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Networking, Hardware and Tech Budgeting.
Fall 2002-Spring 2007
Internet Technologies
Carnegie Mellon University, Masters of Information Systems Management Program.
Focus on XML, XSLT, XSDL, DOM, SAX, JAXP, Java Servlets, Java Server Pages and Java Server Faces.
Spring 2004-Spring 2006
Papers Presented
"Finding the Most Comfortable Disadvantage: The Collection Management Selection Process"
Presented at the Museum Computer Network Conference, Las Vegas.
September 7, 2000
Educational Background
Carnegie Mellon University. The H. John Heinz III School of Public Policy and Management.
Graduate, Masters of Arts Management Program.
Fall 1996-Spring 1999
The Johns Hopkins University. The Writing Seminars.
Bachelor of Arts. Departmental Honors.
Fall 1992-Spring 1996
Expert in ASP, ASP.NET (Web Forms, Web Services, MVC, Web API), Javascript, HTML, CSS, Internet Information Services, MS Access, SQL Server, Entity Framework, NHibernate, Fluent NHibernate, XML, XSDL, DTD, XSLT.
Extensive Experience with React w/ Redux, jQuery, jQuery UI, Twitter Bootstrap, Knockout, MySQL and PostgreSQL.
Proficient in Angular, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Java Servlets, JSP, JSF, DOM, SAX, JAXP, Java Web Services.